1. What is your business?

2. Enter your mission statement...

3. Enter your vision statement (if applicable)...

4. What are the core values of your business?

5. What is the customer need that you satisfy? (good feelings or solution to problem)?

6. How do your customers know they have a problem?

7. Who are the key influencers on your customer as it relates to the problem your business can solve?

8. What is the key customer insight?

9. Why should your customers choose you to solve their problem?

10. Who are your competitors?

11. What do you do better than anyone else?

12. What are your core competencies?


13. Which competitive strategy will you adopt?

14. Create a SWOT analysis for your business.

15. What are your business objectives for the next 12 months? Include key tasks that need to be done to meet each objective.